Case Studies Overview

PLANET4HEALTH will conduct research and look to draw overreaching conclusions from four tailor-made case studies focusing on pivotal areas:

These studies will span various geographical regions, leveraging the extensive project network to draw universal conclusions and replicable solutions that enhance predictive capability and preparedness.

Case Study 1
Vector-borne diseases in the Iberian Peninsula

This Case Study aims to address significant public health challenges and develop comprehensive prevention strategies and enhance readiness against vector-borne diseases.

Case Study 2
Air pollution and its adverse health effects in South Africa

This Case Study aims to address air pollution and particulate matter (PM) as its widespread form as a major environmental risk factor for human health.

Case Study 3
Food safety in Central Europe

This Case Study focuses on PFAS contamination in Central Europe, highlighting its widespread use in various industries and its implications for human health and the environment.

Case Study 4
Mental wellbeing in environmental & climate context

This Case Study aims to collect and analyze mental wellbeing data linked to  environmental and climate stressors of other three case studies, to develop a comprehensive understanding of climate and environmental impacts on mental health.

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