About PLANET4HEALTH project

Exploring Planetary Health Intersections

PLANET4HEALTH project aims to deepen understanding on how environmental degradation impacts human, animal and ecosystem health.

Through collaboration with experts across disciplines, the project aims to support policy making processes and raise citizens awareness on sustainable planetary health, climate & environmental policies and adaptation & mitigation strategies to natural hazards.

Bridging Disciplines for Planetary Health

Facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, experts from diverse fields including environmental and climate science, public health, epidemiology, veterinary medicine, social, political and economic sciences, engineering and technology development, law, ethics, and communication, unite under the project. The consortium will produce research, technological innovation, tailored outreach and training, and policy solutions through a cross-sectorial multidisciplinary scientific collaboration in line with the transnational character of planetary health.

Unveiling Global Health Challenges
Through Case Studies

Four tailor-made case studies will be performed to delve into critical global health challenges.  These studies will address the following challenges:


One Health effects of vector-borne diseases in the Iberian Peninsula, focusing particularly on animal health


Air pollution in South Africa


Food contamination from soil and water pollution in Central Europe


Mental well-being linked to environmental and climate stressors of case studies 1-3
Spanning different geographical areas, these studies leverage the expansive project network to draw universal conclusions and develop replicable solutions, thereby enhancing predictive capability and preparedness on a global scale.

Empowering Decision-Making
Through Data

The PLANET4HEALTH project will collect, analyse, and ensure open access to climate and environmental data linked to One Health. It will develop innovative digital prototypes and produce tools to support One Health policies, engaging citizens, policymakers, and stakeholders.

Latest News & Updates

The PLANET4HEALTH project proudly showcased its expertise at the European Geosciences Union (#EGU) General Assembly 2024, as our esteemed partner Suzana Blesic from the Institute for Medical Research co-convened a session focused on real-time forecasting
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