PLANET4HEALTH participated at the European Geosciences Union (#EGU) General Assembly 2024!

The PLANET4HEALTH project proudly showcased its expertise at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2024 (#EGU24), as our esteemed partner Suzana Blesic from the Institute for Medical Research co-convened a session focused on real-time forecasting for climate and environmental hazards. This session delved into the critical importance of accurate forecasting, emphasizing its potential to significantly impact various sectors, including agriculture, infrastructure, health, and socio-economic areas. By employing a multidisciplinary approach, the session explored concepts from complex systems sciences, offering insights into scaling, universality, complex network analysis, and physics-informed machine learning.

The session provided a platform for forecasters to present their methods and prognoses, fostering a culture of research excellence in modern climatology. Moreover, it encouraged the submission of predictions for events of varying temporal and spatial scales, promoting transparency and accountability within the scientific community. We invite you to explore further details about the session here.

In addition, Luis Samaniego, our partner from the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), co-convened a session focusing on understanding and representing hydrological processes—a fundamental aspect for the development and enhancement of hydrological and Earth system models. This session aimed to incorporate novel frameworks for model development, evaluation, and parametrization across spatio-temporal scales, leveraging advancements in global hydrological data availability.

Contributions to the session ranged from introducing new global and regional data products into the modeling process to developing innovative approaches for model calibration and evaluation. Through this initiative, we strive to improve the theoretical underpinnings of hydrologic models, enhancing our understanding of complex hydrological systems. Explore more about this session here.

At PLANET4HEALTH, we remain committed to advancing scientific research and fostering collaboration across disciplines to address pressing environmental and health challenges. Stay tuned for more updates on our contributions to global scientific conferences and our ongoing efforts to drive positive change for our planet and well-being.

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