Message from the PLANET4HEALTH co-coordinators

As we delve into the heart of PLANET4HEALTH project, we’re privileged to speak with our esteemed co-coordinators Suzana Blesic from the Institute for Medical Research, Stefano Campostrini, and Gaia Bertarelli from the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice.
Their perspectives offer a glimpse into what makes this project truly groundbreaking. With their guidance, let’s explore the vision driving PLANET4HEALTH and the innovative strides we’re taking towards a healthier planet.

Groundbreaking nature of the PLANET4HEALTH project

The PLANET4HEALTH project stands out as a groundbreaking project due to its holistic approach towards understanding primary environmental factors influencing planetary health. By integrating diverse methodological approaches including One Health, data analysis, climate sciences, machine learning, and social sciences, the project aims to co-create interoperable technologies and tools with stakeholders and end-users.

More specifically, through targeted case studies, the project explores climate and environmental drivers of conditions that are detrimental to animal health such as vector borne diseases in the Iberian Peninsula. It will examine vulnerability of children under the age of five in a case study of air pollution effects on human health in South Africa. It will seek to better explain sources of water and soil chemical pollution that results in food safety uncertainties in Central Europe. It will finally collect data to enable better insight into the changes of human mental wellbeing in the environmental and climatic context of the regions of all the above mentioned studies.

By such design, the project will systematically asses some of the most pressing planetary health issues, and, by offering better understanding of their drivers, provide projections that could readily be used for their mitigation and adaptation.

Message to PLANET4HEALTH followers

The PLANET4HEALTH project is largely data-based and data-driven. We are committed to exploring innovative interdisciplinary collaborations to swiftly address complex environmental and planetary health issues. Your involvement and support are vital in shaping the success of this journey. Together, let’s leverage our collective expertise to develop actionable solutions for a healthier planet.

Thank you for being part of PLANET4HEALTH’s mission.

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