Meet our Partners: Institute for Medical Research

Contributing expertise in data analysis and modeling, the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) is a vital partner in the PLANET4HEALTH project, working to better understand climate, environment, and One Health data.

IMR’s role in the project

IMR’s role in the PLANET4HEALTH project is primarily focused on data analysis and modeling. Leveraging methods and approaches borrowed from complex systems sciences, IMR aims to deepen understanding of climate, environment, and One Health data.

About IMR

IMR conducts basic and applied research in the field of biomedicine, aiming at application and dissemination of knowledge within the framework of scientific research, education, and development.

IMR’s team quote about the project

“One of the many exciting things about PLANET4HEALTH is the opportunity to formulate and recommend the best approaches for translation of science to policy and practice. This will be made possible through the design of the project that plans a constant communication and co-creation with end users in four different case studies, thus allowing for diversified attempts at adoption of research results and technological tools by individuals or institutions that need them for their timely and efficient actions.”

Meet IMR team

Suzana Blesic, coordination and research team

James May, project manager

Milica Tosic, research team

Vasilije Matic, research team

IMR team Suzana & James
IMR team Milica & Vasilije
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