Meet our Partners: Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

The University of Ca’ Foscari (UNIVE) plays an integral role in the PLANET4HEALTH project, contributing expertise in statistical analysis to unravel the complexities of planetary health and its impact on human well-being.

UNIVE’s Role in the Project

The UNIVE group will provide support for statistical analysis to identify health inequalities, vulnerabilities, and the impact of planetary health on human health, mortality, and morbidity. Establishing an early warning system program is one of the research group’s goals. The statistical methods employed will include a variety of approaches such as hierarchical Bayesian space-time models, latent classes models, and statistical techniques for unplanned domains. The ability to conduct surveys for end users and stakeholders will also be valuable for the project. Additionally, UNIVE researchers will receive support from administrative staff to coordinate project management, administration, and finances.


Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is a public university with an international vocation, renowned for its high standards of teaching and a broad and interdisciplinary educational offer. Thanks to its international scientific community, high-quality research, teaching, and outreach activities, UNIVE offers a unique global academic experience.

Coordinator’s quote about the project

“We have a big challenge in front of us, given both the importance of the general subject addressed under the rising pressure of the impact of climate change, and the technical issues linked to our objectives. Nevertheless, I am absolutely positive: if the challenge is great, we also have a great team willing to address it. I am convinced we will do a great job together!” Stefano Campostrini

Meet the UNIVE team

Stefano Campostrini Full Professor (Project Coordinator)

Gaia Bertarelli Tenure Track Assistant Professor (Project Co-CoordinatorI)

Angela Andreella Assistant Professor

Paolo Girardi Tenure Track Assistant Professor

Andrea Pastore Associate Professor

Aldo Solari Full Professor

Lorenzo Schiavon Assistant Professor

Mattia Stival Post-doc Research Fellow

Stefano Federico Tonellato Associate Professor

Barbara Lacampo Unit Coordinator of the Research office (Department of Economics)

Giulia Ballarin Project Manager (Administrative staff of the Research office – Department of Economics)

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