Meet our Partners: Zentrix Lab

Zentrix Lab plays a crucial role in the PLANET4HEALTH project, co-leading the development of Technological platform and Digital tools. They are at the forefront of defining functional and non-functional requirements, use cases, and mock-ups. Zentrix Lab develops innovative solutions that tackle SDG with cutting edge research and technology that are being validated and demonstrated in a number of key scenarios and geographical regions. 

ZENTRIX’s role in the project 

ZENTRIX is co-leading Technological platform and Digital tools development, and leading definition of functional and non-functional requirements, use cases and mock ups.  ZENTRIX will provide ECG devices that measure pulse and heart rate variability (HRV) using mobile ECG devices and PPG signals to diagnose and monitor cardiac diseases. The existing solution with more than 40k active users and 1M annotated samples. The application will be extended to support mental wellbeing surveys and offer joint analysis to be validated in the PLANET4HEALTH Case Studies.


Zentrix Lab (Research & Innovation) is an SME founded by Ex Ericsson employees. Company is based in two countries with offices in Serbia and Estonia. Company has two core departments: (i) Research & Innovation branch dedicated to development of software and hardware with research and application of DLT, IoT and Ai in different fields; (ii) commercial department developing commercial solutions in fintech, retail, logistics, health, and gaming.

ZENTRIX’s team quote about the project

“PLANET4HEALTH exemplifies the cutting edge of interdisciplinary innovation, integrating environmental research and digital technology to tackle planetary health challenges. Technology can become a solution for the world’s most pressing problems caused by climate change and human behavior. PLANET4HEALTH embodies that vision, leveraging diverse expertise to research pathways of how we could tackle global health and environmental issues.”

Meet the ZENTRIX team

Zentrix team members
Zentrix team
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